Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is it! June 2012

We've reached the perfect stage of life! No more diapers, sleepless nights, or spoonfeeding. My children are now capable of doing my not-so-favorite, never-ending duties.

LAUNDRY - Sorting assembly line, smiling, working together

DISHES - cheerful workers all around

MEALS - I didn't even have to ask Arthur to help me with this meal. He just pulled it out and helped himself! And I can say he was proud of it.


BONUS - They can even dress themselves.

Crazy Cuca, ART-ifact, carmen-CITA.....I love you silly little people!

Discovery Place - June 15, 2012

Pablo's new job at Bank of America is located in Uptown Charlotte. What we would normally call downtown, the people here call uptown. Updowntown. Whatever. They have this wonderful children's museum so we went for a visit.

Arthur was nervous but he couldn't let Cita be braver than him


Cita was more frightened by the bed of nails than of the snake

Ropes, knots, and climbing. Arthur's favorite things.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to USA! June 1, 2012

After spending five weeks in Brazil, it was certainly exciting to return to the USA. We flew straight to Charlotte, NC. We booked five nights at LaQuinta Inn and started an intense search for a new place to live! Charlotte was so refreshing. Clean, green, and everyone speaking English! We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch and I've never seen the kids happier in my life. "Yessssss! This food is so good!" They did not care for the cuisine in Brazil! Pablo and I miss the Brazilian meals and the maids who prepared them! The townhouse we found to rent felt like a mansion after our two years in a 750 sq ft apartment in Provo. Our first night in our "new home" we spent camped out in the front room. Our belongings hadn't arrived yet. We borrowed an air mattress from a ward member and made do with what little supplies we had. Towels and jackets for blankets! Our pods arrived the next day.

Welcome to the Queen City

Last week in Brazil - May 24 - 30

Our last week in Brazil, we spent in Curitiba with Belo and Bela. Even though we had their apartment available to use, we decided to stay in the temple home with them. Curitiba was a beautiful, calm city with many public parks and sites. We visited the Wire Opera House, Botanical Garden, and a few city parks where Pablo played when he was a child.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Italian Food and Sleepy Cita - Curitiba - May 25, 2012

Belo took us out to lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. Cita fell asleep in the car and I was just going to hold her on my lap because she was so exhausted. Bela, jokingly, asked the waiter if he had a crib. He reappeared a few minutes later with a large basket and an extra table cloth! Just right for Cita. She slept through the whole meal.

Bertioga Beach House - May 19-22, 2012

We drove with Ellis and Terry to a beach house in Bertioga. Big house with a private pool and a place to hang up our new hammock. It was a 5 minute drive to the beach. We even had a little green house guest.